Thursday, 17 April 2014

Homework for 17th April

1) Submit your Worksheet 6 and practical report if you have not done so.

Higher Chinese (Zhao Lao Shi)
1) Finish practice paper if you have not. Please remember to bring on Monday as the teacher will be going through the answers.
2)  第八课词语测试. Quizlet is on the blog.

1) Editing Worksheet  - DUE BY 21st April

1) A07 questions 3,4,7

1) Human Nutrition Practice Worksheet  - DUE BY NEXT TUE (22th April)
2) Common test 2012 Paper. Answers are up on googlesite.  - DUE BY NEXT TUE (22th April)
3) Complete TYS and do self marking on Cells, Movement of Substances and Nutrients. There will be a spot check on the above chapters on Next Tue, 22th April. Please do proceed to complete Enzymes and plant nutrition topics. The next spot check is on Next Thur, 24th April.
4) People mentioned below, please hand in your homework by Next Monday, 21st April recess. You are expected to stay back after school on Monday to complete and submit them if you do hand in by then.

Human Nutrition Workbook Pages
1. Praveen
2. Chi Han
3. Timothy Ng

Determining Water Potential of Potato Tissue planning practical worksheet
1. Avani
2. Jenova
3. Praveen
4. Zi Jie
5. Kiran
6. Michael
7. Timothy Ng
8. Keen
9. Bruce
10. Ouyang

1) You are supposed to hand in your SEQ questions to Mrs Low's pigeon hole by today. If you have not, please remember to complete it and bring it on Monday

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