Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Homework (2nd April 2014)

Higher Chinese (Zhao Lao Shi)
1. Read oral reading passage 3 and upload to chinese blog
2. Submit the oral picture discussion via google form (found on chinese blog)
3. Do the 词语测试for chapter 7. The quizlet is found on the chinese blog.

1. Complete the practical worksheet  - DUE BY MONDAY
2. Do the planning of experiment worksheet.

1. Those who have not finish the League of Nations worksheet, please do so.

1. A05a (Questions 4,5,8,9,12)
2. A05c (Questions 1a,b,c,d)
3. A05b (Questions 1a,c,e)

1. Please prepare for physics PT presentation tomorrow.
2. Complete worksheet 5 of workbook.

1. Please prepare the visual text answers for tomorrow's group presentation.

1. Chemistry practical (Acid Bases and Salt) is on next wednesday (09/04)

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