Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Homework (1st April 2014)

1. Go through the presentation slides on the passage 'Lion of Darkness' and do Section B questions. They are attached in the email Ms Chua sent to us. The passage can also be found in Distinction in English Book (page 127-133)
2. Get ready your group visual text answers for presentation  - TOMORROW
3. Those who have not submitted the Commonwealth Essay to william, please do so ASAP.

1. Please read the other groups' presentation on effects on tectonic hazards
Link: http://goo.gl/a4rkxf

1. Please complete the 6B worksheet (plant nutrition)  - DUE BY TOMORROW

1. Complete Question 1 of A05a (Indices and Surds)  - BY TOMORROW
2. Remember to submit your matrices homework

Higher Chinese (Zhao lao shi class)
1. Read oral reading passage two and upload to chinese blog
2. Complete the picture discussion from the previous class
3. Zhao lao shi sent our presentation slides to your SST email

1. Remember to do Activity 5 in the workbook.

1. Those who have not submitted their Giro Form, please do so by tomorrow
2. Please proceed to biology lab 2 for practical tomorrow. Bring along completed 6B worksheet (with all essay questions and MCQs completed)

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