Thursday, 27 February 2014

Getting Ready for S308 Citizenship Presentation T2Wk10

Our World, Our Views
Global Issues, Diverse Perspectives

Lets get started to prepare for our class presentation due in T2Wk10. Taking into consideration that  you need time to study for COMMON TEST during that period, we shall start to prepare the topic and slides when all of you are available. A week before our due date we need to submit to the OIC. This will mean that by T2Wk9, the slides and presentation script should be ready.

NE Coordinators- your role is to lead the class in selecting the topic and draft the slides. We shall elect two best presenters at a later date.

Guidelines for Slides
        Number of slides

- 8 to 10 slides including the title slide

       Title slide to be first slide and to contain the words

= “Our World, Our Views”
= GCP Trip/ Topic chosen, the class
= Names of presenters

       To include mainly pictures and as little text as possible  (students can prepare a script and read off the script)

       Second slide to contain the Enduring Understanding and Essential/Key Questions

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