Friday, 28 February 2014

Gentle Reminder for Hapara Chem Folder

Please ensure you have three items in your chem folder according to the format of label. Refer to my earlier email. Item one refer to the reading article by HSA (attachment in your email) and you need to upload. Must upload as pdf version. All to check and ensure they are ready by Mon Chem lesson.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

HW-27 Feb

27 Feb

BIO-Chapter 4A and workbook by next week.The 4b do the first 2 structured by tomm
PHY-Ws 4 by tomm
ENG-Finish up podcast
SS-Do page 26 and 27 SBQ and do remember to submit your late stuff
Tamil-A A Manicka Praveen finish up the toondoo
Chinese - do the 排比句和夸张句练习
Remember to give the 7.30 to Tim for BIO TYS

Getting Ready for S308 Citizenship Presentation T2Wk10

Our World, Our Views
Global Issues, Diverse Perspectives

Lets get started to prepare for our class presentation due in T2Wk10. Taking into consideration that  you need time to study for COMMON TEST during that period, we shall start to prepare the topic and slides when all of you are available. A week before our due date we need to submit to the OIC. This will mean that by T2Wk9, the slides and presentation script should be ready.

NE Coordinators- your role is to lead the class in selecting the topic and draft the slides. We shall elect two best presenters at a later date.

Guidelines for Slides
        Number of slides

- 8 to 10 slides including the title slide

       Title slide to be first slide and to contain the words

= “Our World, Our Views”
= GCP Trip/ Topic chosen, the class
= Names of presenters

       To include mainly pictures and as little text as possible  (students can prepare a script and read off the script)

       Second slide to contain the Enduring Understanding and Essential/Key Questions

CE Lesson for What are my career interests?

Gentle Reminder: 

You need to upload your handout Sec 3 Education and Career Guidance to Hapara (Form Folder).
Remember to save as PDF version before you upload.

Submission of PassionLink EZ-link Card Application

Please submit your application (as a class) to FT by tomorrow. Mr Jerome Tan has extended the deadline till tomorrow. No more extension.

Gentle reminder to those who has yet to submit your form for the Growing Years Programme,please submit by tomorrow.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

6th Feb 2014

6th Feb 2014

A Maths
A02d on foolscap paper by tomorrow

E Maths
Finish the AA and submit it by 12pm to Mr Liu

Source Based Questions Practice 01 by tomorrow (if possible) or Week 7

2A pg 10-13

Finish pg 14 and put it into Ms Alice Lim's pigeon hole by Monday morning

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

5th Feb 2014

5th Feb 2014

Finish the worksheet

Complete the mindmap on plate boundaries

Choose one question from the handout, and write a PEEL paragraph by Friday
Finish the entire essay by week 8
Finish the script by tomorrow (Avani's, Asritha's and William's group)

Question 1 - 6 A02d using GC, sketch on paper (approx 15min)
Open your packing for the GC for those who have not and place it in your bag (Approx 10min)

Finish your practical worksheet by tomorrow

Bring $7.90 for the Chem TYS and pass it to Bruce Ng tomorrow :D

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

4th Feb 2014

4th Feb 2014

Activity Book Pg 31 in Compo Bk
Course Bk Pg 29-32

HCL (Angeline's Class)
Pg 25-27 of textbook
Read up on Chpt 4 words

Read the powerpoint slides

2A pg 10-13 Friday
Do your corrections for Diagnostic Test, the answers are with Michael

Bring $7.90 for TYS on Thursday, if you have it at home, show it to Ms Ong.

Make the script for the podcast

Open the packaging for the calculator (10min)
Bring it to school tomorrow
Math lesson is swapped with recess tomorrow