Monday, 13 January 2014

Homework [Monday / 13 Jan]

Social Studies

• Read p. 85 - 92 of textbook and summerise to p.4 of the Learning Package
(Thursday / 16 Jan)

• For those who haven't, please do your reflections on the Google+ community

• Remember Mrs Low's name


• Print your concept map on Measurement and Experimental techniques and sumbit to Ms Ong by tomorrow
(Tuesday / 14 Jan)

• Please remember to bring old newspapers during the next lesson.
- Yun Hui, Please purchase the yellow and blue plasticine and submit the receipt to Ms Ong.
(Tuesday / 14 Jan)

• Transfer the data from your presentation on gas collection into a 1 page report  and submit to Ms Ong (Method unconfirmed)
(Friday / 17 Jan)

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