Monday, 6 January 2014

Homework 6th Jan 2014

Homeworkkkk for 6th Jan 2014
Read up Golden Age for SS
Read up Sec 1 Chem (Test on 7th Jan)
Mindmap on Chem Chpt 2
Bring foolscap paper for English on 7th
Set SMART goals for your English grades, and send it to Ms Chua by tmr.
Download geogebra and wolfram alpha toolbar
Do the math worksheet Pg 7-8 by next lesson
Complete the physics worksheet until 1E
Timothy Cheong and Arjun Appavoo are to make a spreadsheet for the class goals, mission and vision!
Those who didn't bring their health booklet today, photocopy the page where they state your latest tetanus injection
Bryan Loh please bring your report book ^^
Buy the SS Sec 4 & 5 textbook as well.
That should be all!

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