Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Homework 14th Jan 2014

14th Jan 2014

Read up Biology Textbook Pg 23

Finish the worksheet about Elements, Compound, & mixtures

1) Form groups of 4
2) Discuss the issue using Paul's wheel of reasoning
3) Then select points from the article (+your own research) to support your chosen P.O.V.
4) Craft a peel paragraph based on your P.O.V. and post it on the g+ community.
Number 1) and 2) are to be done as homework. Number 3) and 4) will be done in class on 15th Jan. You are to do your own research on the topic as homework.

Bio lesson will be at 11:05 at S3-08 due to swap with Physics which will take this Fri's Bio slot.

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