Sunday, 12 January 2014

Homework 10th Jan 2013

Hey sorry for the late homework post, I reached home at 11 on Friday then left for school at 5:30 on Saturday and reached home at 10pm and fell asleep instantly. I just woke up, so anw here's the homework.

10th Jan 2014

Finish English Comprehension assignment 1 by Friday ,17th Jan
Finish Section A & B by Tuesday, 14th Jan (Reminder)
Bring $14.60 for the English Comprehension Book on Tuesday 14th Jan

Put your pink SPA file into your pink bio file and put it at the side of the class. Bio rep is to arrange it according to index number.

Do quadratic notes page 4, 5 and 6 by the next maths lesson
Bring your smart phone on Monday to take videos (Those who do not have a smart phone, use an ipad
For the people in Student Council and Peer Support Board, Mr Liu has extended the deadline of the math A01 worksheet homework to Monday

Do the practical workbook page 5 & 8
Do the theory workbook worksheet 1
For graph drawing refer to page 24 - 25 for an introduction

Make a presentation on the for the chemical you have chosen
Things that need to be in the presentation:
Which collection method you are supposed to use and why
The property of gas
How to get the chemical
How to dry the chemical
Experimental Error

That should be all, if there is more, could you comment ^^ Thank you :)

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